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Becoming a Health and Safety Officer at work

This training is provided by certified training organization.
Every HSO graduate, up-to-date in his training is known as First Aid Initiation certified.


Targeted skills

Being able to:

  • Acquire skills
  • Recognize one or more persons in an accidental situation
  • Follow company’s internal procedures and become an actor of the prevention
HSO Training

Training program


14 hours for every companies’ employee able to carry out the first aid gestures (between 6 and 10 people).


  • The importance of work accidents and professional illness and their consequences.
  • The value of prevention.
  • The HSO, his role, and his place in and out of his company’s development.
  • Protect.
  • From “protect to prevent’.
  • Alert or get someone alert.
  • From “get someone alert to inform”.
  • Rescue:
    • The victim presenting an abundant bleeding.
    • The victim that is choking.
    • The victim complaining of abnormal sensations/ or presenting abnormal signs.
    • The victim presenting with burns.
    • The victim complaining of pain preventing from specific movement.
    • The victim presenting with a wound without abundant bleeding.
    • The victim is unconscious but breathing.
    • The victim is unconscious and not breathing.

Pedagogical Methods

Presentations, Groups work and workshops, theory integrated into practice, concrete cases.

Means and tools

Visual supports, first aid gesture’s material conforms to international laws.

Evaluation and validation

Certification evaluation grid conforms to international laws.
At the end of the session, every trainee receives a participation certificate.
After ministry’s validation of the training, degrees are delivered.


An HSO trainer up-to-date in its training.


Every year in France, accidents at work and occupational illnesses result in the loss of 45 million working days (source: INRS).

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