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Even the best H.S.O. needs the best materials

Automated External Defibrillator : C1A and C2

What would you do if someone in your workplace suddenly collapsed?

Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death among adults over 40 affecting more than 300,000 people every year and according to the SCA Foundation it’s a “healthcare crisis”.

Even the fastest paramedics could take eight to twelve minutes to get to a patient after he or she collapses. Quick access to an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), by an engaged bystander could increase the odds of survival from about 5% to 40% and higher.

Source: National Safety Council

We selected these materials and brands based on our experience with the certainty that they are the most efficient materials to help HSOs to preserve life in the occurrence of a life threatening accident.

Automated External Defibrillator


Smart & Easy



AED Intuitive Design

7″ TFT Color Screen

7″ TFT Color Screen (BeneHeart C2)

Fully and Semi-automatic

Fully and Semi-automatic

Adult/child mode

Adult/child mode

Languages selection

Up to 3 languages selection


Open the lid to power on

Open the lid to power on

Pre-connected adult/child electrodes


Fully & Semi-Automatic AED

BeneHeart C1A & C2

Intelligent ResQNavi

For public rescue, the rescuer’s proficiency in the resuscitation process often varies greatly. Rescuers who lack resuscitation experience need more detailed guidance, while experienced rescuers only need simple instructions as too complicated instructions may reduce the efficiency of the rescuers.

Based on a large number of user behavior and psychological research results, ResQNavi technology can evaluate the proficiency level of rescuers and provide targeted intelligent rescue navigation for different rescuers throughout the whole resuscitation process.

User Interactive Rescue Guidance

BeneHeart C1A knows what you need. When the rescuer is too nervous or inexperienced and does not apply the pads for a long time, ResQNavi is able to recognize the challenge of the rescuer encounters in time, and provide more detailed operation guidance for the rescuer through the change of voice prompts.

Continuous Encouragement during CPR Process

ResQNavi provides comprehensive CPR navigation for rescuers in accordance with the latest AHA/ERC guidelines to help rescuers perform high quality CPR. CPR mode can be configured to 30:2, 15:2 and hands-only.

BeneHeart C1A

BeneHeart C1A

BeneHeart C2

BeneHeart C2

BeneHeart C2

BeneHeart C2


  • Simple switching between adult-child mode
  • CPR metronome
  • CPR real-time feedback
  • CPR process encouragement can continuously encourage the rescuer and help to achieve the goal of saving a life, just like a personal coach at side.

Reliable and Durable Quality

6-surface 1.5m Drop Test

6-surface 1.5m drop test


IP-55 Water/dust-proof

IP-55 water/dust-proof


Helicopter Transport

Meets all standards for helicopter and other transport


5-year Lifecycle

The durable battery and pads have a life cycle up to 5 years, which results in lower total cost of ownership.



Wall cabinet

Wall cabinet

with mounting kit, with alarm and location sign, green

Wall bracket

Wall bracket

with mounting kit, green



red, for C series AED only

Rescue Kit

Rescue kit

including: disposable gloves (2 pairs), disposable mouth-to-mouth respiratory membrane, disposable antimicrobial wipe, disposable razor, trauma scissors

Remote AED Alert Management System

AED-Alert™ 2.0 – available soon

Help improve survival rates with AED-Alert 2.0

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can strike anyone at anytime, so it’s essential to keep your fleet of AEDs ready for rescue. Traditional manual inspection of AED devices is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The AED-Alert 2.0 provides a quick and effcient way to remotely manage AEDs based on the loT technology.

AED-Alert 2.0 system4 helps managers realize remote and centralized AED management through advanced IoT technology and replaces manual inspection with automatic self-test to reduce dailymaintenance costs.

AED-Alert 2.0 provides comprehensive device status reminders to ensure AED’s always ready to use, which results in the reduction of the daily maintenance risks at the same time.

  • Complete overview of all AEDs
  • AED fault notification
  • Pads & battery expiry date reminder
  • Electronic fence
AED Alert 2.0

Stay Connected, Stay Confident

Safe and secure solution for ultimate AED confidence


Built-in 4G module

Supplied by original manufacturer.
Direct device data transfer.
Wi-Fi option available.


Cloud server

Local cloud server for efficient, stable and safe data storage


GDPR compliance

Compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation to protect user and device data privacy

MC&Co Prevention Co., Ltd. is the exclusive reseller of Mindray AED solutions in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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