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The key to stay up-to-date

Every 2 years (24 months from training completion date), an update of HSO’s skills is required. This refresher is organised over a period of 7 hours, when the employee’s skills are re-assessed. It enables HSO skills to be updated and maintained for a further 24 months.

Prevention event: You set a date with the company to set up a test event (that only you will know) during which your employees reactions and skills will be assessed. This event has to be set up one year after your employees training and your company’s audit.

Continuous Training

Graph is extracted from the Report on Ten-Year Achievements 2008-2017 and Action Plans 2018 by the National Social Security Fund (Kingdom of Cambodia).

  • Total of Work Injuries


Occupational risks are synonymous with significant social and financial issues for companies.

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