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Our internal OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) audit verifies the application, compliance and efficiency of company’s Occupational Health and Safety management system and identifies possible axis for improvement.

By entrusting us with internal audits, companies may benefit from many advantages:

  • help planning audits (risk and danger, malfunctions…);
  • reliable conclusions and proposals that bring value;
  • customized solutions with best existing practices;
  • an important benchmark;savings in training costs for the company’s staff.
Prevention Audit

Conduct of an Internal Prevention Audit

1. Documentary review

 The auditor reviews the necessary documents (key procedures, single document, management review, etc.) according to the purpose of the audit.

2. Audit schedule

The auditors develop with the managing team the audit schedule. After validation, the schedule will be distributed within the organization at least 3 weeks before the audit. Its duration depends on its purpose and the system’s element that need to be rewiewed.

3. On-site audit

The auditor leads the opening meeting, conducts interviews with the staff and his hierarchy, analyses the existing documentation, observes the means and the practices… then he presents his observations at the end of the audit.

4. Audit report

Our auditor prepares and sends to the company within 10 days maximum the complete internal audit report, including all observations: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement, discrepancies.


During the year 2018, 73% of companies have identified at least 1 work accident resulting in work stoppage.

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